Fees & Rewards

When liquidity providers deposit on Double Club, they earn a bigger share of boosted DDDX emissions. Those who have locked DDDX on Double Club earn in return a share of those rewards which they helped boost. This 15% fee is shared amongst two groups: Those who have converted DDDX into DDDXdou and staked this in the protocol receive 10% of DDDX earned by the protocol, as vanilla DDDX tokens. Those who have locked DOU token who receive the other 5%, as DDDXdou. This allows a good equilibrium between DDDX Protocol liquidity providers and DDDX lockers.

Note: There are no deposit or withdrawal fees for anyone on Double Club.

By group

Liquidity providers

  • Earn DDDX: Boosted DDDX emissions from the protocol's veNFT (earned as vanilla DDDX)

  • Earn DOU: 1 DOU for every 4.2069 DDDX earned (as vanilla DOU)

  • Pay fees: 15% performance fee on DDDX earned

DDDX lockers (DDDXdou)

  • Earn Liquidity Provider fees: 10% of all DDDX farmed by the protocol (as vanilla DDDX)

  • Earn DOU: 3.5% of the DOU that gets minted (as vanilla DOU)

  • Earn down-vote protection fees: Price determined by DOU auction (as vanilla DOU)

DOU lockers

  • Vote on gauges: Decide which gauges to earn future DDDX emissions using the protocol's veNFT

  • Earn trading fees & bribes: Earn a share of the total trading fees and bribes earned by Double Club (as a mix of tokens)

  • Earn veNFT expansions: Earn a share of the total veNFT earned by DDDX expansions (as DDDXdou)

  • Earn Liquidity Provider fees: 5% of all DDDX farmed by the protocol (as DDDXdou)

  • Earn token whitelisting fees: Price determined by DDDX auction (as DDDXdou)