Why Double Club

Why Double Club?

Double Club is a protocol to optimize yield, voting power, and liquidity provisioning on DDDX Protocol. DDDX Protocol is a decentralized exchange (AMM) where tokens may be swapped using liquidity provided by users. Those users earn DDDX emissions. Those who lock DDDX receive veNFT and a higher share of DDDX rewards. veNFT or vote escrowed DDDX, is a concept first introduced by Curve Finance which aims to reward long term users of a protocol. Those who hold veNFT earn trading rewards from the protocol as well as voting power to direct DDDX emissions.

If you wish to lock DDDX, Double Club allows you to earn a larger share of trading fees and rewards, as well as a share of boosted DDDX emissions received by liquidity providers in exchange for you providing boost to the protocol.

If you wish to be a liquidity provider, Double Club means you can earn boosted DDDX rewards without having to lock DDDX for several years, as well as additional DOU rewards.

If you wish to maximize voting power and influence over DDDX emissions and gauges, Double Club ensures veNFT is always max locked in order to maximize voting power. This influence is then controlled through the DOU token which can be locked for up to 16 weeks and earn additional rewards.

Double Club has no deposit or withdrawal fees and a mini fee that is distributed to DDDX and DOU lockers in its entirety.